The Campaign Toolkit

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If you want to create a custom campaign, it’s no problem – we’ve made a simple toolkit for you to make your own Honest Food materials.

If you’re working with an agency, or if you have your own graphic designer, you can use the toolkit for you to make your own Honest Food materials. This means you can tailor the messages and images to fit your priorities and needs.

The toolkit takes you step-by-step through the six stages of creating your own materials:

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If you’d like the complete toolkit and InDesign files to make your own assets, please fill in this form to request access.

Please note: You will need access to Adobe InDesign to open the toolkit files. If you don’t have InDesign, check out the ready-made materials which you can use.

How to use the toolkit

6 Steps

Whether you’re creating communications in-house, or working with an agency, you’ll need to follow these 6 steps.

1. Pick your channel

Think about what you need to do – tell a story or inspire an action. Then think about how long you have to engage. Use this chart to guide your channel thinking, then make a decision based on your audience and budget.

2. Pick your design system

We developed a modular system of 5 blocks. The blocks can shift and merge, giving you great flexibility. Once you’ve chosen your channel, pick your system accordingly.

3. Pick your messages

How long you have, and the channel you choose, will dictate which messages you can include. Use this chart to help you decide. All communications have to include the name, strapline or endline, and a call to action. Additional messages will vary depending on your objective, channel and time available.


Honest Food, like this aubergine, is organic. It’s not pumped full of pesticides and antibiotics. So, it’s better for you and the planet. #eathonest

This is an organic orange. It’s not pumped full of pesticides, so it’s better for you and the planet. Food with nothing to hide. #eathonest

This is an organic potato. It’s grown in healthy soils in harmony with nature. Good food, good farming. #eathonest

Honest Food, like these peas, is organic, so it’s better for the planet as well as you. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this rice, is organic. It hasn’t been grown with pesticides that harm the planet. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this tomato, is organic. It hasn’t been grown with chemicals that harm the earth and wildlife. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this plum, is organic. It helps farmers make a living and creates jobs. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this milk, is organic. It has higher welfare standards for animals, so it’s better for them as well as you. #eathonest

This is an organic egg. Organic chickens are healthier and not caged with thousands of other chickens. #eathonest

Local and Seasonal (please adapt accordingly)

Honest Food, like this cabbage, is organic and local. It reaches your table sooner, so it’s still fresh and full of goodness. #eathonest

It’s apple season! Crisp, sweet, juicy – and grown locally. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this apple, is organic and local. Buying it helps protect farmland and green spaces near you. #eathonest

This is a locally grown organic onion. Buying it helps protect farmland and wildlife near you. Eat well, do good. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this courgette, is organic and local. Buy it to support your local farmers. #eathonest

Cool down on a summer day with some refreshing water melon. In season, ripe and locally grown. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this broccoli, is organic and seasonal. It’s fresher, perfectly ripe and packed with nutrients. #eathonest

This is an organic orange. Picked in season, perfectly ripe and packed with nutrients. #eathonest

This is an organic strawberry. It’s been grown by your local farmer. It’s free of toxic weed killer. It’s full of juicy goodness. #eathonest

Fair trade

It tastes good to know a farmer has been paid a fair price for this banana. Eat well, do good. #eathonest

Start your day with fair trade coffee. An easy way to do good. #eathonest

Treating yourself to chocolate? It tastes better when it’s fair trade.  Eat well, do good. #eathonest

4. Pick your photos

Our system enables us to show different aspects of Honest Food – from the ingredients themselves, to the people who grew them, to the meals they end up in. You should use anything from 1-3 photos in each communication.

We’ve grouped images into 8 different categories.

5. Pick your colors

Choose complimentary background colors by picking a flash of color from the imagery. You can use any color that appears on the photograph – it doesn’t have to be the main colour. Contrasting colors help make your design feel fresh and modern. You should also be aware of color associations in your region and choose colors based on what you – as a marketing or design professional – know will work well in your location.

6. Put it all together

Once you’ve been through steps 1-5 and made your decisions, you have everything you need to create communications – it’s just a case of putting the elements together.

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Poppins is a modern typeface that supports for Devanagari and Latin writing systems. So it’s the perfect typeface for our modern, international campaign.

Always use sentence case. The logo is the only place where this typeface appears in uppercase.


Infographics are an effective way of visualising complex information in a simple and digestible way.

To achieve a consistent look and feel for charts and diagrams, and to reinforce our authorship, we always use our brand colours –drawn from food photography – and typography.

When using these infographics be mindful of how they work with other brand assets. The use of multiple infographics and photography can create a visual overload that is off-putting to audiences.


The use of simple iconography is an effective way to support messaging. You can also use them as stand alone graphics. These functional icons have been created with both print and digital in mind –all are viewable at small sizes. Please use this icon style as a guide to create more assets.

Activation Ideas

Beyond the visual campaign, there are hundreds of ways you could engage people with Honest Food, from guerrilla stunts to a short film, PR to in-store promotions. This section contains some potential ideas. We would love to hear how you’ve used the Honest Food campaign. Get in touch at

A hero film

Create a short, engaging film telling the story of honest food – and why it matters. This can work across any owned digital channels and be used by partners to spread the word.

Guerrilla stunt

Make people want to eat honest by creating empathy with industrially-farmed animals. Most chickens spend their lives in a cage the size of a A4 paper – scale that up to human proportions, create a ‘cage’ and invite people to stand inside it to experience life as a battery hen. Follow up with information on how they can eat honest and give animals a better life.

A PR index

Create an index of the world’s/a country’s most Honest Restaurants – those that use organic and seasonal/local/fair trade produce and potentially also pay their staff fairly and donate food waste to those who need it too. Use the index to generate PR and create a certification stamp for qualifying restaurants.

Strategic partnerships

Partner with food retailers and services, e.g. supermarkets, Yelp, Deliveroo. Add an ‘Honest’ filter to shopping and ordering experiences.

In-store activity

Partner with a retailer and create an Honest Food aisle or section containing a range of organic and seasonal/local/fair trade food. Use point of sale and on-shelf communications to spread the Honest message.

Environmental guerrilla branding

Make people want to eat honest by showing the negative repercussions of choosing the alternative. Partner with a high profile street artist to create a series of provocative murals depicting the issues created by ‘Dishonest’ food, e.g. cocoa farming and child labour, inorganic food and pesticides. Sell this into the media for a photo-led PR hit.

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