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Key Messages


Honest Food, like this aubergine, is organic. It’s not pumped full of pesticides and antibiotics. So, it’s better for you and the planet. #eathonest

This is an organic orange. It’s not pumped full of pesticides, so it’s better for you and the planet. Food with nothing to hide. #eathonest

This is an organic potato. It’s grown in healthy soils in harmony with nature. Good food, good farming. #eathonest

Honest Food, like these peas, is organic, so it’s better for the planet as well as you. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this rice, is organic. It hasn’t been grown with pesticides that harm the planet. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this tomato, is organic. It hasn’t been grown with chemicals that harm the earth and wildlife. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this plum, is organic. It helps farmers make a living and creates jobs. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this milk, is organic. It has higher welfare standards for animals, so it’s better for them as well as you. #eathonest

This is an organic egg. Organic chickens are healthier and not caged with thousands of other chickens. #eathonest

Local and Seasonal*

*(please adapt accordingly)

Honest Food, like this cabbage, is organic and local. It reaches your table sooner, so it’s still fresh and full of goodness. #eathonest

It’s apple season! Crisp, sweet, juicy – and grown locally. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this apple, is organic and local. Buying it helps protect farmland and green spaces near you. #eathonest

This is a locally grown organic onion. Buying it helps protect farmland and wildlife near you. Eat well, do good. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this courgette, is organic and local. Buy it to support your local farmers. #eathonest

Cool down on a summer day with some refreshing water melon. In season, ripe and locally grown. #eathonest

Honest Food, like this broccoli, is organic and seasonal. It’s fresher, perfectly ripe and packed with nutrients. #eathonest

This is an organic orange. Picked in season, perfectly ripe and packed with nutrients. #eathonest

This is an organic strawberry. It’s been grown by your local farmer. It’s free of toxic weed killer. It’s full of juicy goodness. #eathonest

Fair trade

It tastes good to know a farmer has been paid a fair price for this banana. Eat well, do good. #eathonest

Start your day with fair trade coffee. An easy way to do good. #eathonest

Treating yourself to chocolate? It tastes better when it’s fair trade.  Eat well, do good. #eathonest

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A4 Size

Roll-up Banner

Print this roll-up banner to promote Honest Food at a conference or event.

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Campaign Toolkit

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Ready-Made Assets

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